Everglades national Park - Flamingo Marina is open!


Last Friday 9-6-17 the park sent out a notice the park and road into Flamingo would open on 9-7-17.  I got o the phone and found someone who really appreciate opening day. I went back country thinking I would start in Coot bay and it would be crazy back there, what I didn't count on was super high fresh water. There were a few boats back there in the run offs and I heard they caught plenty of fish.


I decided to run until I found some salinity and when I did we found fish. The first spot was loaded with 18 - 20 inch fat Trout. We caught a bunch on top water but that's not what I was there for. On the next spot we had a couple pops on the surface and we caught a handful of Snook there. We moved on looking for some kind of clean water and when we found it, it was the bite I expected. We were throwing Shadow Raps and Twitch in Raps. The tide was falling and for 2 hours we got hit on every cast by a Snook and had a couple big Redfish also smash our lures. 

There was a hurricane less than 500 miles to the west of us and the winds started up around noon. I ran down the coast and did find some clean water but the high tide had set in and it was blowing over 20 mph. I decided run back thru inside and look for some new spots. There's allot of new fall downs back there and they will be holding fish soon. 

The other fishing that's going on off of Miami Beach right now is the Mullet run, This can get really crazy and fun to watch. The winds are pushing baits thru as I am writing this and this next week should be interesting


If you are interested in fishing Flamingo or Miami Beaches I am open and ready to go, give me a call at 305 333 8149. Fishing will be awesome for the next couple months!


Captain Jim Hobales


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Crowds are down Mullet are running!


Mullet run, that's all I can say! The last couple weeks the mullet made an early appearance and the fish are crushing them. I was lucky enough to get my house and cleaned up the first week after Hurricane Irma and then I got to some fishing. I have fished all of the Miami Beach coast from Haulover Inlet to Government Cut and have had some incredible days and nights. 



I fished with Greg and his son Luke tonight out of Haulover. It was nasty and I got off of the thing that had been producing some quality fish. I netter some nice pilchards and lived chummed some areas that produce for me normally but not tonight. We bounced around for a couple hours and finally made our way into Haulover inlet. The bite wasn't really happeneing but we stuck it out and eventually got Luke some fish to fight. 


This past weekend I fished the Romp in the Swamp tournament out of Port of the Islands. We got over on Friday and got some pre-fishing in, I was with my son James and Nephew Mark. It rained pretty hard most of the day but we caught plenty of Snook, Tarpon and Redfish. Friday night fun at Captains meeting saw some old friends and some good food.



Saturday Morning the weather cleared and we did the 45 minute idle zone and were on our way. The big problem I had was there were people in the areas I like to fish, I've been fishing the area a long time and never had that problem before. I think since the pressure had been light guys tried the areas I like. We lost 3 monster Snook that got us back into the docks and I wasted allot of time there. There was allot of action on the surface and that lead to a couple Redfish. We caught 20 or so Snook but they weren't tournament winners. We stuck it out all day until 4 o'clock but never got the big Snook we needed. Lots of fun every year and this year the proceeds went to firefighter victims of Hurricane Irma.

There has been so much going on in this country there's aneed to get away and I'm here just for that, the fishing has been so good I hate to miss a day! I have been fishing everywhere so if you want to go fishing and its in Miami Beach or running from Key Largo to Flamingo give me a all at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales


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Open for Business, lets go fishing!



On Monday I was out with my son James and Nephews Mark and Andrew chasing the mullet run. We hit the jackpot today as far as hooking Tarpon, every mullet we put out got hit. We ended up catching 8 for 20 not including the hits and just pulling the baits off. Today was all tide related, we waited for things to get right and when it did it was on fire. 



September is generally a slower month for the fishing business, local tournaments usually keep me busy. This year most tournaments have been postponed for a while because of Hurricane Irma. We are at the beginning of the Mullet run and I've had some really good days in the last week.


 I am planning my first trip to Flamingo area on Saturday so that will give me a good idea on what to expect over there in the near future.


I am open and available Miami Beach and all of Biscayne Bay will be on fire for the next 2 months. I need the business $350 for 5 hours of fishing out of Haulover Marine Center if interested give me a call at 305 333 8149. 


Captain Jim Hobales


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What hurricane , let's go fishing!


This past 10 days we had to prepare for the biggest hurricane ever to come across the Caribbean it was taking dead aim at Miami and there were no steering currents. The Tuesday prior to the hurricane hitting the Keys it was obvious we needed a miracle for this monster not to hit us dead on. We got lucky it as it passed thru Cuba and slowed it down a bit! The rest is on the news. The whole Keys chain goes from devastated to still livable. Here in Miami we were lucky, yes there is some damage trees and roofs but for the most part (at time I'm writing this) most of county has power. 

The big issue for myself and all my fellow Flamingo fishing guides is the park got hit pretty good and I haven't really heard how bad. I will make my way there in a week or so once things get straitened out in Key Largo. it will be interesting to see if it helped or hurt. 

The Mullet Run is going to start pretty soon, there are some reports of Mullet pushing thru Ft. Lauderdale. I will be concentrating in Miami for a while, if you have never fished the Mullet Run you don't know what you are missing. I will also be doing much more fishing in south Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Tarpon and anything else that swims. 

I finally got some free time after all the clean up yesterday and went out with my son and his friends at a local spillway. I got a nice Tarpon on my second cast and a Snook after that then my son got s bass. It felt good!




Got out this morning with my son James and his friend Danny, we had confirmed last night that the mullet were pouring down the beach. We got out early looked around some and went and hits some of our fun spots. The Jacks were there blowing up finger mullet and I had a Snook blow up onmy top water plug. We decided to run the beach and we found the mother load of mullet. 1 toss of the net and we were done, we threw bait back at the end of the day. We caught the tide perfect and my mullet got hit, that first fish was a 12 lb. Snook. It didn't take long and I was hooked up again, the second fish was similar size. Then the big Jacks showed up,  at one time all 3 baits got hit.  James and Danny caught there fish which fought really good in the current. I was jigging down the beach and found a nice school of Pompano,  we caught 15 or so. James is hooked up and his Tarpon is running out to sea until it thru the bait, damn circle hooks! Danny caught the last fish of the day and it was a slob Snook a couple pictures and we weregone. One more stop and jumped 3 or 4 Tarpon and then we left, great morning. 





I am open for business and I can show you a great day on the water anywhere on the Miami Dade county coast, Give me a call at 305 333 8149. 

Captain Jim Hobales

Giving back for Kids and Marines




This past week I fished 2 different functions the Pace High School fishing tournament in Islamorada and the Project Healing Waters outing at Flamingo. 


The pace Tournament was out of La Siesta so I turned it into a weekend get away (sort of) for me and my wife. I fish this tournament every year with my son James and his friends Danny and Johnny who is on leave from Coast Guard.  We ran 25 miles to a spot that's been holding Tarpon and they were there, we had already netted some finger mullet and we got to work. As we got the boat into position we stayed nice and quite so not to spook them. I guess it didn't matter because they wouldn't eat. We wasted three hours throwing everything in the boat at them. I decided to leave the next spot produced on first few cast.  Johnny had the hot hand he caught 2 Snook and a Red. There were also a few missed fish. It is a short fishing day so we went back to Tarpon spot. We had mullet out and James a really good Tarpon hooked up, the Tarpon jumped and then grey hounded throwing the circle hook. He pitched the mullet back out and hooked up again this time we are good or at least I thought we were! This Tarpon threw the bait also and we were running out of time. We hit a couple spots on the way out and put a bunch of Trout on the score card giving Johnny a Slam. It was late and we had a long run back time to see what the Skeeter SX23 can do. 


I am at Flamingo today fishing Project Healing Waters. This outing is put on by Colonel Anthony Fernandez, retired Marine. Project Healing Waters gets Marines awarded a Purple Heart on the water to experience one of the coolest places on earth. I had 3 Marines Mark, Manny and Pablo on my Skeeter and we started out looking for Tarpon, we saw a few but the wind was blowing into the spot and fish weren't rolling. We were casting jerk baits rigged weed less. Manny was working his and had a giant blow up but because of the winds he never noticed the Tarpon. It wasn't happening so I went to a spot where we could bent the rods. I didn't take long and we had an assortment of Trout,  Mangrove snappers and Jacks. Pablo said they didn't catch anything bigger than 15 inches yesterday so I wanted to change that. We went to an area that hasn't been very good over the last couple years but last week I noticed some activity there. We were still throwing jerk baits and we got into a really good Snook bite. Every body got in on the action with Pablo catching the biggest but throwing bait at the boat. The big Jacks were also in there and they wore these guys out. This was my privilege to show these guys a place they didn't know exist, Manny called it God's country, I think we all agree. 





This is a night where guides and anglers come from St. Lucie to Key Largo and across from the west coast of Florida.  We all show up because we are friends of Jeff Maggio (AKA Lunkerdog).  Jeff does his own thing and is a social phenomenon, he has his own saying's like HOGLEG and get a dozen. All these refer to mullet and the mullet run.

There also might of been some alcohol and some story telling. I Met some new guys and saw some old ones, lot'sof fun. It gets bigger every year. Great job Jeff. 

Lunkerdog Jeff Maggio my nephew   Mark and Me.    

Lunkerdog Jeff Maggio my nephew   Mark and Me.



My wife showing off her REEL GUY shirt!

My wife showing off her REEL GUY shirt!

The next 3 months allot of things happen down at Flamingo, including the opening of Snook season September 1st. We get bait runs, cooler water and fish school up making fishing fun. If you have the need to catch fish and would like to experience Flamingo give me a call at 305 333 8149. I now have a bigger boat and can handle families, bring your kids and I'll teach them some techniques that will last them forever.

The Mullet run will be here soon!


Thanks, Captain Jim Hobales

Its good, you just have to go!

This past week I fished several days from Miami Beach to Flamingo. The Snook bite in Government cut had been good this week.  I got out with Doug and his daughter Molly from Washington D.C. only to have the winds kick up and have waves breaking into the boat. I could see Molly wasn't exactly thrilled with it. There was a rain squall sitting right out in front of G-Cut and it was blowing. We did manage a big Barracuda before running into the bay. We found some fish but not the Tarpon/Snook I wanted. We caught some big Jacks and had 3 big fish break off under the Venetian Causeway that we just couldn't stop.  It wasn't the night I had planned but we put a few in the boat and of course there's the one that got away!

 I am with the Riordan family again today, John brought his wife Christina and kids along this week. I guess they had enough fun last week the wanted to do it all over again. We started out on some Tarpon getting a few bites and then they are gone. Little Jack caught his first Snook and we had the Jacks, Ladyfish, Mackerel and Snappers going pretty good.  Next stop is for Trout we caught 30 or 40 and then we went Shark fishing in a giant mullet mud. I stripped up that Mackerel and the Black Tip Sharks we all over it after 3 sharks they were on their way to Key West.







I am with my Nephew Mark today he manages my Instagram page and it was his birthday last week so I took him fishing. We netted some finger mullet and put them to work we caught a few Tarpon and jumped even more. He jumped a few Tarpon on the Twitch n Rap and caught a nice Snook on same lure. We bounced around and caught Trout, a small Goliath Grouper in the mangroves and cast at some Triple Tails with no luck. It was a hot short day with a good result even I got a Tarpon and Snook.


I have always done family charters but this new Skeeter SX23 has so much room it really makes it more comfortable.  Fishing is good if you want to have a fun day on the water bend some rods and teach your kids give me a call at 305 333 8149.

 Captain Jim Hobales


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Hot August Days fish are still biting!

I'm still in the new boat stage getting allot of things taken care of and trying to learn the new Skeeter 23 Bay boat. I have had a few trips in the last week all to Flamingo and we have caught everything that swims. 


I am with Tom one of my golfing buddies today at Flamingo, he brought his whole family his son Tom and his 2 sons Jordan and Jake and a brother in law Scott. Well I do have this bigger boat now and it fishes big. We had netted some great baits which all died due to a technical issue with pumps. That problem is solved now but killed me that day. We caught lots of fish the Twins had a great time catching Sharks and Scott had some quality hook ups but we will never know what they were. We ended the day catching a ton of Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish.  We only fish till 1 so it was time to go! The cool part of the trip was Tom Jr. brought his drone and got some great footage and pics. 

0803 17

I am at the annual Hooked on Kids fishing tournament in Key Largo the staff and CaptainMike Haines do a great job putting this on. I can tell you no one goes hungry at this tournament! I had Rick his friend Preston and his son Corbin. We made the long run to Flamingo but first we stopped at an old spot that produced a few bite. We had some small Snook blow up their top water lures and put a bunch of Jack, Snappers, Cuda's and Ladyfish in the boat. We finally ran to Flamingo and got up into a mullet mud where we caught a bunch of Trout and missed a big Snook. The next spot produced a 31 inch Snook for Corbin and some more Jacks and Snappers. This tournamentdon't give a lot of time so you have to get it down quick. We were trying to get Corbin the most species and we need a Redfish. We went to a spot where they were but we only caught Snook, Tarpon Trout, Jacks, a couple Sharks and a big Sting Ray. We needed to get back to Key Largo by 2:30 so we decided it was time to go. We didn't win any of the prizes but it was a great day. 



I am with John and his daughters Katy, Kelly and little Jack and we are fishing the back country this morning because of the wind. We started of missing a big Snook and it was tough from there on. we managed Jacks, Ladyfish, big Mangroves. It wasn't an easy day even with live bait. 

If you are interested in a fun day on the water give me a call at 305 333 8149, the fishing will be stay strong thru the next few months.


Captain Jim Hobales


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Vacation and a New Skeeter 23 Bay Boat!

Miami Skeeter Bay Boat


I haven't been fishing much the last 10 days or so while selling old boat and getting into new Skeeter bay boat. The good thing is Ill be up and running again this week ad just in time for several tournaments and regular clients.  Its like Christmas for me . 


I did a Flamingo trip with Ross and Mindy from Chicago looking for Tarpon. We found plenty and had a few eat our Mullet but that's as far as it went, they would not stay hooked up. I had netted some Pilchards so we went Snook fishing. It was fast and furious but Mindy as usual caught all the Snook. 


I am with Dereck and his son Will today, we are fishing the Whitewater Bay side of Flamingo. We started out with Will catching a great 32" Snook for the first fish on my new boat. We found some Tarpon and they were feeding but tough to get to. We had a few smacks and jumps but non were landed. we bounced around until we ended up on the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. We only had 3 Mullet and all 3got eaten. The first was hit 3 different times and they all swam with it coming at the boat., we were using circle hooks and if the fish is coming at you just have to wait until he changes and starts pulling drag. That poor mullet was beaten up but never eaten. The second Mullet was hit by a big Snook, Will grabbed the rod and put some heat on it but the big Snook ran under a pile of trees. The Snook was stuck because the line was wrapped, we got up on this fish which was easily over 15 lbs. We are trying to stick the rod tip under the logs and that's where it got bad! A big Lemon Shark heard all the commotion and swam up and ate half of the Snook, the Snook still shaking gets hit by 2 Sharks and its gone. The was a really big Girl and its a shame that happened. The last Mullet was eaten by the 9 ft. Lemon Shark which will fought for 30 minutes until he couldn't anymore. Dereck took over and we got the Shark up and released it after a couple pictures. They also caught some nice Jacks and Mangrove Snappers. The first day with my new Skeeter 23 was a success.


I'm back on the water with a new 23 Skeeter Bay boat, everybody watch out! If you want to have fun and catch some Tarpon and Snook down in Fl. Bay the Gulf of Mexico or the back country of Everglades National Park give me a call at 305 333 8149. 

Capt. Jim Hobales


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It's hot and fishing is hotter! Miami Fishing on Fire!

Miami skeeter bay boat fishing

I am with Ben and his 2 sons Hayden and Kirin, we fished the back country of Whitewater Bay today. We started out with a Ben catching a 15 lb. Tarpon on a Twitch n Rap. On the next spot the kids turned it on catching big Snappers, Trout and Redfish all on lures. We moved on and the next spot produced more Trout and Ben had a few Snook blow up on his lure. We kept moving around chasing the outgoing tide and finally found Ben a Snook that would stay hooked. It was only a half day trip and we ended it by letting the kids fight some really big Sharks. The first Shark we hooked too a couple hundred yards before cutting us off. The next bite was a 7 foot Lemon which gave all 3 of them a chance to fight it, after 25 minutes we got it boat side for pictures and released it. 

I am fishing Flamingo with my son James and his friend Danny, we are in Whitewater \Bay again today. We started out by hooking jumping several small Tarpon, We ran north netted some mullet and ran into the Gulf of Mexico looking for Tarpon. We were casting mangroves for Snook when all of a sudden the Tarpon showed up. We cast a couple mullet in them but were surprised by some really big Snook. It was on we caught 6 big Snook while jumping Tarpon off left and right. We eventually got a Tarpon to the boat but what a blast watching the show. The Sharks were bad, we didn't lose and Snook or Tarpon to them but a smaller Shark got hit.  It was 12 o:clock and we were on our way home!


I am fishing Flamingo today with Ross and Mindy. Ross loves Tarpon so I told him we had to catch some bait and get out to the Gulf of Mexico. The baits only took a minute and we were gone but as usual the Tarpon weren't rolling . We waited and then the tide hit the right spot and boom they were everywhere. I had Ross throwing a Top water an that was the trick today, they were hitting on every cast. We had a few eat the mullet and we had our issues with them as well.  We had solid action for 2 hours and then it was over. The funny thing the Snook that were there a couple days before weren't' eating today although Ross did have a 15lb fish eat the top water and throw it. We made our way own Middle Cape and found some Snook on the beach and ended the day fishing live mullet for Tarpon. The fish turned on again and we only had 10 mullet left, they all got ate by Tarpon and Snook, what a day! Mindy has got a ton of Snook in the years we have been fishing together but today she caught her fist Tarpon. 


It has been a pretty good few weeks The rain has stopped the winds are gone and the fishing is very good. If interested give me a call at 305 333 8149.


 Capt. Jim Hobales


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Big Rains making them Bite! Tarpon and Snook Fishing Success

Flamingo area


Miami Tarpon fishing has been pretty good in the month of June, even though the rains have been non stop for a couple weeks. This time of year the freshwater pushes the Snook out of the mangroves and out onto the flats and along the Gulf of Mexico where they are chasing an assortment of small baits. There has been plenty of smaller Tarpon around anywhere from the marina to the coast. The one fish that hasn't really been plentiful are the Redfish not sure what's going on with them. The Trout bite is crazy no problem catching limits up to 23 inches. Its only going to get better thru the summer!

broke suz.jpg




I am with Fred Ortiz today he's a long time friend from the Miami Sport fishing Club he is also my accountant. Fred gets over worked thru April 15 and I always try to get him out after it settles down. He always bring his fly rods he has wanted Tarponon fly for a while. Found a few Tarpon first thing and Fred had a few hits and misses but eventually he got one to the boat. We also got into a few Snook, I finally got tired of watching and picked up a rod, between us we had about 30 Snook all of Fred's were on fly rod. He also caught a Trout to give him a "Slam on Fly". I also help this poor guy out he hit something and broke his motor off of the mounts!




I am with Terry, Fred and John down at Flamingo today. Terry is a golfing buddy and he brought his employees fishing. Fred is from San Diego and fishes allot out there' Terry and John not so much. We got into a bunch of small Tarpon again today and never got one to the boat but jumped a bunch on softjerk baits. We also had a few really big hook ups on fish one looked like a big Redfish and the other a Snook which got away. John also caught a 23 inch Trout and a 16 inch Mangrove. It was only 9:30 and we had already hooked everything that swims in the park. We went out and caught some bait and fished for Trout we caught 30 or so and we moved on looking for Snook. We made our way out to the coast and found a few Snook, Terry had one around 10 lbs. come of at the boat. John was next he hooked one which came off at the boat and then Fred finally put one in the boat. We only fished until 1 o'clock and it was time to go pretty good day. 




I am with Isaac his wife Evelyn and there 2 daughters Sophie (6)and Cami(4).  We are fishing out of Haulover marina today. We started out with a bunch of Trout, Barracuda's, and Snappers it is a family trip and we kept the rods bent. Isaac wanted to catch Sharks so we went lookin for them. I kept some of the Cuda's for bait and our first bait got hit within 30 seconds. We had them everywhere and Isaac was having fun, he has a thing for Sharks. We let the girls fight a couple and then Isaac and Evelyn had fun when they were doubled up. The girls had enough and it was time to go they were all very happy.


The fishing will be fun all summer Tarpon will get thicker and Snook will be chasing baits along the coast it makes for a fun day. If your looking to catch Tarpon and Snook in pretty good numbers give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales, 


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It's raining but Snook are Biting!

This has been a very rainy weekend but luckily not where I have been fishing. It has skirted us several times but for short periods and not having to wear rain gear. Snook bite has been on fire!



I'm down in Key Largo today fishing with the Barrow family Kevin, Shawn Ashley and Kelly from Santa Fe, New Mexico. As we left the dock and stopped at first spot the sky turned purple and we had to make a run away from the massive storm, we sat in shell Creek and waited about five minutes for it to pass. We moved on and fished around Tarpon creek and a few other spots which produced some big Trout up to 22 inches, Snappers 14 inches, Jacks and Cuda's. It was only a morning trip and time really flew by!





I am with Yamil and Robert today down at Flamingo, it was their first time and didn't really follow directions to get there. When Yamil text me he was still at the front gate, I went out to look for baitwhile waiting. Instead I maid a few cast and caught 7 Snook and jumped a Tarpon. Yamil called and said they were there, I picked them up and ran right back to the hot bite. It didn't take long and they were hooked up with a few 3-5 lb. Snook. I went and caught bait as they caught Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. Once I had a bunch of Pinfish and Pilchards it was time to produce some fish. I had them casting Gulp Shrimp and it was on! The Snook were killing the Gulp Shrimp. We covered allot of water and got bites at almost all of them. There were some missed fish but they did a good job of hooking them including two caught Tarpon, 1 which jumped in the boat The catch of the day was Robert, he caught a Monster Snook which weighed 18 lbs. It wasn't a sunny hot day it was overcast and the fish just loved it. I'm not sure how many Snook were boated by them it was a bunch, throw in 20 or so Trout and then another 15 Jacks, a Shark and a giant Ray but we were really busy today.





I am at Flamingo again today, I'm fishing with Alistair, Phillip and Dexter. Our first stop on the grass flats was to catch bait while they casted for Trout. I was throwing the net as they were pulling Trout in 3 at a time. Once we had enough bait we starting to hits a bunch of spots. Dexter had what appeared to be a big Tarpon eat his Gulp Shrimp while retrieving it,  It hit and missed but the spot was not really happening. The next spot was on fire as we approached all 3 guys made cast and all 3 hooked Snook. For the next 2 hours we caught Snook on Gulp Shrimp sometimes 1 or 2 at a time including Redfish and nice Triple Tail. These guys were Jamaicans and wanted to eat fish so all they wanted were edible fish. They had no interest in any more Tarpon or Snook just edibles. Alistair said lets go to your best Trout spot and we did. We caught at least 40 trout in the last hour up to 3 lbs. These guys were going to have a serious fish fry!

Fishing has been really good and will continue to get better thru the summer,  the Tarpon will show up on the coast here soon and that's always allot of action. The fishing down in Everglades National park (Flamingo) gets red hot as well as the temperatures but that's when they bite. I have trips designed for hardcore adults or also the family which wants a day on the water just bending rods and teaching kids what its all about. If you would like to fish with me give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales


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Winds down- Snook are Biting!

The winds have finally come down on this Memorial Day weekend!


I am with Mark and Andrew and we are going to fish Whitewater Bay today, the water outside of Flamingo still looked a little muddy. We made our way thru Coot Bay but had to stop when we saw some Mullet getting blown out of the water. we netted a few and pitched them out. It didn't take long and we had a few blow up on our baits and eventually caught a few of them. We did this for an hour or so and caught a bunch. We made our way back to the Lane River area and managed a handful more Snook and a bunch of Trout. We fished around the Midway Key and then ran out and down the coast looking for Tarpon but didn't find them in the dirty water. We fished lake Ingram and East cape and found more Snook and some small Tarpon that had no interest in our lures or baits. The hard part today was thee amount of floating grass, it was so thick the shore lines were unfishable. The temps got up into the 90s so we called it a day!




I am fishing Florida Bay with Jack and Keith today, Keith performs with Frankie Valle and was at the Hard rock last night. We got out and action was fast and furious on our first stop. Keith had a Trout then a Snook pretty quick on Twitch n Raps, Jack followed up with a couple Trout. They quit hitting the lure so I gave them a Gulp Shrimp to bounce on the point. It didn't take long again and Keith had a Redfish hooked up. Keith had the fish coming towards the boat when a  8 foot Lemon Shark ate it and was on the run. The Shark let go and all we got back was the head. The Shark left the area and we managed a few more Snook on the Gulps! The bite was done and we left to go catch bait, we netted a live well full of Pinfish and Pilchards. The Pilchards were a gift because the Snook enjoyed them today. We had an incredible bite for 30 minutes and caught fish up to 10 lbs. We ran back to East Cape and found some Tarpon in the mouth and jumped 3 of them on Shadow Raps. I ran back to Snake bite and was looking for Redfish but only managed some small 30 lb. pesky Sharks. Keith finally got Lemon to the boat and we called it a day!


The winds have finally calmed down and the water really cleaned up in the last few days making so many more places fishable.  There were lots of baits around with birds diving on them and fish below. The key was Pilchards and baits that looked like Pilchards. When chumming let the chum work sometimes it take a while for those pilchards to arrive. I like to work the grass flats where my clients can be casting and catching fish while netting bait. The Snook will be getting active in the next few week and months plus the Tarpon should make an appearance out on the coast. If you are interested in some fun fishing this is the time of year. If you enjoy fishing back country or flats style fishing give me a call at 305 333 8149. Caught Lookin Charters covers from N. Miami Beach to Key Largo inshore and flats and all of Everglades National Park from Homestead to Everglades City.


Captain jim Hobales


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It's been another breezy week Fishing in Biscayne Bay!


It's never a good feeling when client calls as you are pulling up to ramp and says he is broke down on turnpike. That happened today, but I made the best of it! I launched the boat and went out into Florida Bay and pre fished for a tournament on Saturday. The water wasn't a good color and the wind was every bit of 25 mph. Its been so windy I have been spending most of my time in Whitewater Bay so I went and check all the old reliable spots. I hit spots that produced allot of fish even with lack of grass on the bottom and churned up mud. I was throwing a top water plug on top of a flat and had a big Redfish blow up on it. It missed it but spooked a school of Reds with it, I felt they possibly could be there on Saturday. I hit a couple more spots and decided to go home and play Golf today!


Fishing in Flamingo for Snook

I am fishing Flamingo today with Tom and his son Brad, Its windy again so I'm on the Whitewater Bay side. On our first stop we had a couple missed fish but ended up with a nice Snook. As always I asked what they would like to catch today, Tom said Snappers not what I expected but ok. I felt I could catch enough Snappers while looking for Snook, Trout and anything else. We worked our way all the way out to Ponce Bay and only saw 1 boat all day.  We did manage a bunch of Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and of course Snappers up to 14 inches. The high light of the day was Brad hood a small 10 lb. Sand Shark and had a 9 ft. Lemon Shark stalk it and eventually eat it right under the motor. The conditions were tough but Tom took home a bag full of Snapper filets.



Great Tarpon and Snook Fishing in Flamingo

I am down in Islamorada at the world famous Lorelei Restaurant for the ABC Contractors Tournament, I am tarpon fishing with Ron Pearson and his friend Demetrius. We made the long run to Flamingo in pretty choppy conditions. We pulled up to where I had found Redfish a couple days earlier it was nasty and rough but we gave it a shot. We were chunking Ladyfish hoping to attract them but all we found we Catfish. The next spot was a commitment because it was in a poll or troll zone. I was hoping for a few Snook and a possible small Tarpon. They cast and worked hard but all we had o show for it was Jacks and Snappers. We finally got out of the wind and worked the incoming tide along the Mangroves. I had some Shrimp in the livewell and put the biggest one on for Ron. He got it up on a over hanging tree and got smashed by a really big Snook not sure what happened but the fish came off. Ron thru another Shrimp up there and the next fish must of got the line in his gills and cut him off. I decided it was time to catch some bait and go west! The spot I was really counting on was infested with mosquitos so we didn't stay there long. The next spot produced 4 good bites an had some Tarpon rolling around. Demetrius landed 2 Snook and poor Ron was Snake bit today. Ron had both fish out of the trees and I was waiting to net them and they came off. We spent the last hour Trout fishing and then had a pretty bumpy ride to get back. We only had 2 Snook and a Trout to turn in but we had some potential.

As I'm writing this the winds are down and hopefully give us a break this week. I have a couple openings for the Memorial Day weekend. Its a good time to get the wife and kids out and Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly fishing charter. If you would like to spend a day catching fish and enjoying nature give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales,


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Spring is here, so is the wind!


The last few weeks the wind has continued to blow in from 15 to 30 mph and it has made fishing difficult. The fact is I have been fishing and producing some decent hook ups and catches. The last week or so I have fished both Flamingo and locally in and around Miami Beach. The mullet schools have been thick and there have been some fish busting them occasionally. On a couple occasions I even found some Pilchards and turned them into something bigger. The late afternoon/evening bite was tough between the high winds and serious sea weed, although we did manage a few very large Tarpon hook ups. The weed was really thick and our baits would constantly be fouled up, these weeds were from Key Biscayne all the way up to Haulover. The bridges did produce some excellent action when mullet schools were pushing thru.



The inshore of Biscayne Bay is still producing Snook, Trout, Jacks, Snappers, Cuda's and Sharks most in the Mullet muds.




I also did some Bass fishing out in the Glade's last week.  We caught Bass up to 3.8 lbs., Peacock Bass to 2lbs, Pickerels, Mudfish and Oscars all on Rapalas and Senko's



I am at Flamingo with the Crumb family Greg, Lisa, Logan's friend  Mike. It was 55 at the dock this morning so the ride out was cool and of course the wind was blowing.  We started out pretty good with a couple Snook, Trout and 13" Snappers on Twitch in Raps. It was nice the kids could cast like pros and they were having there own little completion. The early bite was productive then during the middle of the day with high water and winds it was slow. Today was a 10 hour day, Greg said they wanted to fish late when we spoke on the phone. It worked out because as the tide went out the fish turned on. We sight fished a Tarpon and some Sharks when the water got low and clear. We had netted some small finger Mullet and it was time to for them to go to work. We put them out and it didn't take long Greg had a big Snook blow up on his Mullet but missed it. We had the Snook blasting our bait out of water but not eating them. We finally got one hooked up and Mike is doing a great job of fight the 36 inch big girl. I netted it we took some pictures and I watched s Mike released the fish very gently. It is nice to see when  the kids aren't about killing fish but releasing them. They turned off after that and we made our way in.





I have been on a hot streak lately with some very good young anglers and it makes the day easy. I am a kid friendly charter guide if your kids are great anglers it will be fun. If they are beginners I will teach them the correct techniques that way its enjoyable for the rest of there fishing days. It will also make it easier on you, the parents!

If you are interested in fishing Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, or in the in the back country of Whtitewater Bay for Snook, Tarpon and everything else that swims give me a call at 305 333 8149.



Capt. Jim Hobales


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The last 2 weeks have been very windy and although my clients have caught fish, it has been no where near what this time of year is known for.  We usually get wind this time of year but there has been very few days under 20 mph. which limits some of the areas we can fish. I have spent most of the last couple weeks deep back country and on the coast around the Shark River. A combination between live baits and artificial lures have produced Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Sharks big and Small and lots of and some really big Trout for my customers.  




 I am fishing Whitewater Bay on a half a day today with Sebastian and Steve from Quebec, Canada. We started out with some small Tarpon that we jumped off right before the bugs got us. We ran back into the Lane River area and caught our first Snook while spooking out several more. We only had half day so we moved around quickly and started to bend the rods. They didn't care what they caught as long as it bent the rods!  It was windy and we had some rain coming in from the Keys direction so I kept moving north. There was an incredible Trout bite today with a couple Snook thrown in and they were very happy with just catching. Eventually we got hit by a couple rain squalls and serious rain, we hid as best as we could and when I got the chance I made a run for it and headed back.





I am fishing out of Haulover today, I met John, Mike and their nephew Nick. On our stop Nick hooked up pretty nice Snook on a Rapala Shadow Rap shorty after Mike hooked one but it threw the lure. We caught a few Jacks and Cudas's but no more Snook bites. We ran down and fished a Mullet mud around 36 St. and had a really good morning. I had some finger Mullet and Nick was first to hook up with a really big Trout, Mike cast behind it and hood a Trout that was trailing it. These were two really big Trout, Nicks was 25 inches. The bite was on not only for Trout but we had some big Mangroves in there eating Rapala Sub walk lures. We also had Barracuda's and a couple Bonnet head Sharks eat our Mullet. It was a great bite and slowed as the tide filled in so we headed in.






I am with Flamingo today with the Twilla's, Mark and his 2 sons Ryder and Will,  it is breezy again and I'm in Whitewater Bay. We started out pretty quick catching a bunch of Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. While sitting there a massive school of finger Mullet poured thru. I threw the net once and got more than we could use. I ran to the open water where I could use the bait, we had a few big Bull Sharks eat our Mullet while Mark hooked a few really decent fish off the back of the boat. His drag was screaming and all I saw was a Snook in the air, shortly after he had another hit it right next to the boat. On the next cast he caught a 23 inch Trout. The bite was good for a half hour with the boys hooking Sharks on the front of the boat. I made a long cast at something moving in the water and had a king sized Snook eat it, I handed the road to Ryder and it got him into the trees. We bounced around looking for bigger fish and finally hooked another big Snook which threw the hook. It was a action packed day and the guys had enough. They were going to South Beach tonight.


I am with the Drippe family Mike , Marie and son Matt, we are fishing Flamingo for the net 3 days. Mike told me when he booked the trip all they want is rod bending action, lots of Sharks, Trout and Ladyfish. I said no problem. We fished all areas of the park from the rivers to the east, rivers to the north and south, all of Whitewater Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and East Cape Canal and Lake Ingram. We did this in winds blowing in the 20 mph everyday! We caught fish in most of those places. Their son Matt was a pleasure to fish with he was @ 10 years old and had skills. He could cast and fight fish with technique of an older skilled angler. We had Back Country Slams but could manage to get our Tarpon into the boat. He picked up a Gulp Shrimp on a jig in East Cape Canal and he managed a pretty nice Snook while we bait fishing. I heard the drag pealing out and didn't even know he was fishing back there. We managed about 15 different species and that was what Mike wanted for his wife and sons first trip to the park, they kept track of every fish they caught. Mike wanted Matt to get a big Shark before we left and he did we had a crazy bite for an hour, we had them swarming around the boat and sight fished a few big ones for Matt. Matt ended the trip with a 150 Lemon Shark.







I am fishing the next 2 days with Ed, Lewis and Russ we wanted to fish out front of Flamingo but winds are @25 mph today so we are in Whitewater Bay. On our first stop Lewis had a nice Trout and Russ had a Snook both came off at the boat. This always makes me worry when you loose the first fish. We moved on and the next spot was full of Trout after 20 or so I said lets go. It is windy and we are working points, really no Snook bite but Trout are killing it. It is hard to find areas that are protected enough to work but we managed. I had found Pilchards a couple days ago but not thick today so we settle for mullet. The Sharks were deadly today, if we put out a mullet good chance a Shark ate it. Ed had a 9 foot Bull Shark eat a mullet and fought it for 45 minutes before handing the rod to Lewis who fought it for 30 more. This Shark had to go 250 and dragged us out to the Gulf of Mexico about a half a mile. We had it right under the boat the cork was right there when the fish finally got thru the leader. We caught some more little Lemon Sharks while Snook fishing but no Snook. We had lots of by catch today but the quality was not there.




I'm with Ed, Lewis and Russ again today and its still windy. I had a game plan go up catch a few baits and run up the rivers to the east. Russ got a Snook while catching bait, the Snook were feeding pretty good but not eating our lures. We made the run and on Lewis first cast he got hit but no fish! Ed cast up in same area gets hit no fish! We worked the area hard and Lewis finally got a Redfish. We made a move and the next spot was good 2 days before. I didn't have the pilchards today only finger mullet which got slammed a couple times. Russ caught a Redfish on a Gulp Shrimp jig and also had a few follow ups. Ed got slammed under a tree on a mullet, the pop was loud but the fish missed the bait. Lewis had a fish chasing his bait which ends up being a 4 foot bull Shark after 20 minutes its gone! We ended the day on a couple different Trout spots, we bent the rods for the last hour catching some of the smallest Trout I have ever seen on that spot.

The rain is coming its time to go!



Even with the winds blowing20 - 30 mph we still managed to have some fun fish catching days. When clients book there trip they count on great Florida weather, well some times its not perfect. My job is to do the best I can possibly do to catch them the fish they dream about. I can do this for you if you have a dream call me at 305 333 8149.



Capt. Jim Hobales


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Tarpon are Here, so are Sharks!


 I am fishing Flamingo back country (Whitewater Bay)with the Stretcher family today, it is breezy again today but manageable. We bounced around lookin for action, we used a combination of live Shrimp, lures, finger Mullet and Pilchards. The first spot produced a little of everything mostly Trout but with 4 people casting it adds up quickly. Greg caught a nice Redfish to go along with a bunch of Trout and Snappers. We ended up out on the coast where we caught amore Trout, Jacks and a Snook by live Chumming. We also had some Sharks eat our baits but it was very slow today.

br cobia.jpg


I am Whitewater Bay again today with Brian Williams his dad Joe and son Nick. I should of started out front today but I knew where the bait was and I figured I would run around and hit the Tarpon when I got some mullet. We caught all the regulars on the way up to Shark River including Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and a Small Cobia. The Snook were none existent back there for a couple days and the conditions are really good. Tons of bait and really good looking water but no Snook! I made our way out to the Gulf of Mexico and found some rolling Tarpon and waited for a big Snook bite but the Sharks got in on us. Brian and Nick didn't mind fighting them catching a couple Lemons and Black tips up to around 9 feet long. I had a live 1 1/2 lb. Ladyfish in the livewell and rigged it up for Tarpon. It sat out there for a few minutes and we had a big wake approaching. The fish circled the bait and really made it nervous, then we saw what it was. The giant 10 ft. Tiger Shark rose to the surface and smashed the Ladyfish cutting it off right behind the head. I then pitched it back out and caught one of the smaller Black tips that roam around out there. I had gota text telling me where there where a bunch of Tarpon so we headed that way only to get side tracked looking for Triple Tails. There weren't many around but we caught one and then ran in lookin for Tarpon. It was late and they wanted more Trout so we head to the Trout flats caught a bunch along with Nick land in 50 lb. Spinner Shark that was hooked in Pec Fin this made it fight allot harder. We landed the Shark and it tried to come over the side and bite me, that was enough we headed in.



I am with Espn Mike today fishing Flamingo. My intentions were to put in on the FL. Bay side but the wind was cranking. I launched the boat on the Whitewater Bay side and headed out didn't go far and found a bunch of 10 -25 lb. Tarpon. We got one to the boat and hooked and jumped 8 or 10 more. I had really good conditions for Snook so we looking for them. On the first spot the bait was all over this bar between 2 islands while Mike was castingwe ahead a blow up 50 ft. behind us and another around the corner and then another across from us. They were there but we didn't get any bites! We moved on and kept going at it but the bite sucked. We kept on fishing and made our way out to the coast. There were some Tarpon free jumping and rolling so we put out a few live Mullet but the Shark ate every one. It was pretty windy and we didn't get any real casting opportunities at them.

espn mike.jpg


We changed it up some, I handed Mike a Rapala Skitter Walk and we work down a shoreline. We started seeing a few fish and Mike sight casted a big Trout that was cruising. It had been kind of quite and all of a sudden we were into a few fish. Mike had a Tarpon blow up on his lure and miss it but it was awesome to watch. I said lets go try the spot we left earlier. We set up and he had 3 or 4 hits finally catching a Snook. mike was worried about missing his flight so we packed it in and headed to the dock.


It don't sound like fishing is all that great but we are catching lots of fish in some tough weather conditions. The spring Snook bite should get really hot with the amount of bait pushing down the west coast. There are plenty of Tarpon around Miami and the beaches as well. The winds will start calm down in the next week which is perfect since the Tarpon are in pretty good. I like to catch Tarpon whether is with lures or bait and if you feel the same give me a call at 305 333 9149. 


Capt. Jim Hobales, 


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Fun week!

sam and kirk.jpg

The last week has been interesting I have either fished North Biscayne Bay, Government Cut or Holiday Park for Bass. The Trout fishing has been really good for bigger Trout in the 22 to 25 inch range. The Tarpon are around and they seemed to bite late the one night I was out. The Cut always produces something if you drop a shrimp to the bottom Mangrove Snappers, Yellowtails, Hog Snappers, Mutton Snappers, Spanish Hogfish and Groupers are the by catch while waiting on Tarpon.


 I am fishing Biscayne Bay with Greg and his 90 yr old Dad Warren who wanted to catch Sea Trout. He had caught all the fresh water species of Trout and wanted to add Sea Troutto the list. We left Haulover and hit a few spots on the way south, I rigged up a shrimp on a cork and pitched it up against a sea wall and showed Warren where it needed to be. It took all of about 30 seconds before a Snook ate the Shrimp and was running away. It ran into a bridge piling and that was It!  The next spot produced quickly Greg was throwing a Rapala and hooked a 23 inch Trout shortly later he caught another. We moved on and now it was Warrens turn he caught his Sea Trout and many more using Pilchards. he also caught a big Bluefish, a couple Cuda's and Mangrove Snappers. It was only a half day so we headed in.



I am fishing with Ed and Sara tonight looking for Tarpon in and around Government Cut. We managed a bunch of fish off the bottom while waiting for things to get right. Ed did have a big bite and the fish ran up the ledge and cut him off that is a Tarpon trick. That was our only big bite for the night. We stayed out until 9 o'clock and I heard they bit later.


Luc is here from S. Africa fishing with his friend Serge


I fished Holiday Park today with Serge, Luc, Rob and Robert. It was Serge's birthday present from his wife Dawn. These guys were allot of fun and we put a "hurtin on the fish". The fish weren't giants but the rods bent constantly and these guys were loving it. They caught 25 Bass up to 2-8 lbs., 1 chain Pickerel and 30 or so Oscars which hit and pull hard on light tackle. Great morning fun guys!


Serge having a great Birthday with his friends!


I am fishing with Sam Rose one of my regular customers for the last 10 years he brought his friend Kirk today. We started out in Government Cut and caught a decent Spanish Mackerel and a Blue Runner right off the bat. We were waiting for the tide to switch and once it did we got one Tarpon hookup. It didn't last long one jump and gone. That was it except for a couple Trigger fish. it was getting bumpy and Sam is in his 80's and set let's go somewhere calmer. We ran inside to the piling flat and got on the fish pretty good, first Sam caught a 15 inch Mangrove on a Shadow Rap. Kirk hooked up and had a big Trout pulling drag and really shaking its head. I got the net out for this one, it measure right at 25 inches a monster. All of sudden the surface erupted with Mullet and big Jacks all over them first Kirk hooked one which let the hook go. They blew up again and Sam cast right into the Blow ups and hooked one he couldn't stop. Of course he had it on the lightest rod in the boat, it took us about 25 minutes to get it boat side. as I was netting it ran one more time and nicked the side of the boat and cut Sam off. He was done, but we got a great look at it. I guessed it between 18 and 20 lbs. Sam sat and told stories while Kirk hooked several more fish in the 22 to 24 inch range. There were also as bunch of not so big Trout. 


Big Trout have been active!

If you enjoy fishing, catching and sightseeing while on the water it is the right time of year to get out there. There is a bunch of action and its just fun fishing. I will be doing allot more Tarpon fishing in the next few weeks but its been fun this week. If you have kids and they want to get out on spring break I'm your guy, if your serious about Tarpon, Snook I'm also your guy.

Give me a call at 305 333 8149 and we can get it it done!

Thanks ,

Capt. Jim Hobales


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A little bit of Winter left !

90 year old Warren and his son Greg, North Biscayne Bay. 

90 year old Warren and his son Greg, North Biscayne Bay. 

This past week has been a mix of species from North Miami to Everglades National Park (Flamingo). The winds have continued to effect the fishing but when it has come down there have been Snook, Trout, Tripletails and lots of cast at Tarpon. The water temps have been anywhere from 66 to 73 degrees and throw in the winds and cold fronts it set our Tarpon fishing back a week or so. The cool weather really sparked the Trout fishing with 50 fish days no problem. It seems like things are ready to bust loose in the back country, there is allot of Mullet stacking up in some of the bays. The Snook are hitting Rapala's fished around the windy points. The Tripletails haven't been really plentiful but the ones I'm finding are giant, this will only get better.  The next 3 months are all about Tarpon make plans early because it does get busy!


al lewis.jpg

It should be long before we get into a big Tarpon Bite and the Snook wont be far behind. If you are interested in fishing Biscayne Bay, Government Cut or Flamingo for Tarpon  give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales


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Flats Fishing in Miami and making it happen in heavy winds!

Miami fishing charters

We have not had much of a winter but our spring winds are in full force! The last 2 weeks have seen some very windy days with winds in the 20 mph and up and of course those are the days I have been booked. I learned a long time ago our windy weather is always better than where my clients came from this time of year. The S.W. to N.W. winds eliminate half the areas we like to fish in Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico or Whitewater Bay. With all that being said we still find and catch fish.



Fishing Flamingo on Windy Days Won't Stop Us!

I am with fishing Flamingo with Chris his son Chris and father in law Anthony. I had told Chris it might be better to put it of for the next day but they were leaving the following day. We headed out in windy conditions East at 20 plus and I was scrambling already. We headed out west into the East Cape area to get out of the wind, but now it started to rain. It wasn't easy but little Chris caught a Snook so our hopes were up. We fished all over the place and ended up salvaging the day with Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. It didn't get any better so we called it early.

Fishing Flamingo Biscayne Bay

I am fishing Flamingo today with Ezra, his sons Robert and Jacob and their friend Gali, It wasn't supposed to be blowing today but it is. I launched on the Fl. Bay side because I didn't feel the wind, but while waiting for customers it picked up. I should of pulled it out and put in on back country side, instead I tried out side and ended up running north around into Whitewater Bay. It wasn't so bad but a N.W. swell on the water made for a slow ride. We got up into the creeks and got into a good Trout, Jack and Ladyfish bite. We found some Pilchards so I hit all my spots looking to chum up some Snook. It didn't happen today but we found more Trout with the live chum. The kids were happy because the rods were bending but it was tough. We fished lots of  spots and got a few here and a few there making a dent day but 25 mph never makes it easy.


Fishing Flamingo Backcountry Snook Ladyfish

I am fishing Flamingo with Keith Marks and his son Tim today. We started out in the back country because again today it blowing over 20 but its out of the east which gives me some options. The tide is a negative low tide and there's not a lot of water anywhere. I ran thru the east side of back country which is protected and lots of spot to fish, only one problem no water on all the spots. I hit a deeper area and got into some small Ladyfish which we kept for bait. While we were working an island there was a big mud, the mud was made by a school of a few hundred Spadefish. Keith made a cast into the school and something ripped off line after a few wrong guesses a Spadefish showed itself. I have never seen them in the back country but plenty of them on the flats out front.  

I made my way deep into back country rivers and eventually got into a Snook bite. We had a 30 minute window where the Snook turned on and we caught 2 out of 5. The wind was gusting well into the 30 mph range and it was actually cool. We continued casting but the bite was over. I made a run out into the Gulf of Mexico and it kind of Paid off, we had 3 bites. The first was Shark that was off to the races Tim fought it for 20 minutes until he was cut off. I rigged up another live Ladyfish we sat around for a while and the bait was nervous and then it got hit. Keith fought the fish for a minute or so and the bait came back with circle hooked turned into bait. The bait was scaled and it was a probably a big Snook by the way it looked. One more bait and we watched as a giant Bull Shark circled and knocked the Ladyfish out of the water a couple times and then swam away. We had a long ride back into a nasty bay so we called it.  

Biscayne Bay Fishing

Its looking better this week so hopefully the fishing will get red hot, It shouldn't take long for the water to get back up over 70 degrees and get the fish eating again. If your interested catching some fish and having an adventure give me a call at 305 333 8149

Capt. Jim Hobales


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Snook are biting in Biscayne Bay!



It's been a busy and really good week for Bay fishing down at Flamingo. I have fished every condition and wind direction and for the most part have produced great catches of Snook, Tarpon, Redfish and Trout. My anglers have used live Shrimp, Mullet, Pilchards and artificials like Rapalas and Gulp Shrimp. Every one of these baits have produce Snook over the 10 lb. mark. and plenty of smaller fish. The Tripletails have finally shown up in good numbers out on the buoys so we are eating good now. There were some Tarpon around in the back country and out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishing Flamingo With Felix and Sons

I am fishing Flamingo today with Felix and his sons J.C. and Alex, we ran out west we had a full moon and a super low tide. I wanted to catch the incoming and look for some Snook, black drum and maybe a Tarpon. We sat out the and nothing was going on and that's when I decided to run to where I had caught some tarpon 2 days before. I ran to a bait spot but no luck then we ran about 10 miles out of the way to another bait spot and found the silver flashes.  We netted a bunch of bait and ran back another 10 miles and put them to work. it all paid off with J.C. hooking the first Snook and it was big weighing 12 lbs. The bite wasn't fast and furious but we were patient and Alex hooked a monster the fish ran in and around everything she could but we managed to boat this 36 inch and 18 lbs. trophy. We finished off the day trying to get Felix his Snook but he caught everything but a Snook. The full moon was a minimal factor today, the Tarpon that were their the day before never showed them self.

Fishing Flamingo Miami


 Flamingo fishing Tarpon and Snook

 I am with Tim K. from Colorado again today down at Flamingo, he had a great time last week and wanted to get out again before going home. We started out pretty quick with a good Snook and then went looking for Tarpon. We found some in crystal clear water but only managed a Shark hook up. I decided to run up the coast a bit and we had a couple more Snook on live finger mullet Tim was enjoying it. The winds picked up from the NW at 20 plus and made things tough. We fished a bunch of areas and caught some fish but things were tough. We got a late start today and it was getting dark so it was time to get in.

Flamingo Fishing Snook Miami


Flamingo fishing, Trout for dinner!

 I am with Bob Jim and Billy down at Flamingo, they wanted to catch some fish to have a Valentines days fish fry for the wife's. We tried for Redfish first but it didn't happen. I then ran out to a grassy area for Trout, we got on a slow bite but had 20 or so but only 7 keepers. I said we going out for Tripletail hey didn't really now what they were. We got out and found a nice one and then another they had dinner but we kept looking. We probably saw a dozen or so  which was nice because they haven't been out there. We cast at them over and over having different things spook them. We ran back and caught the incoming tide and really killed the big Trout. We must of caught 50 or so keeping a total of 12 for their dinner party.  It was time to go and clean fish!

Flamingo fishing Trout Miami


I am with Jeff today at Flamingo and his day started out with a 10 lb. Snook on a Gulp Shrimp, pressures off already. We continued to catch different species like Trout Jacks Ladyfishand a couple more Snook but the winds were killing us. I worked the lee of every island and it kept his rod bent, Jeff was extremely happy with the way the day went.


Biscayne Bay fishing trip!

 I am part of a 3 boat trip today out of Biscayne Bay. We have the Yamaha Motor Corp. executives in town for the boat show. We pick them up on the Miami River and ran south to Stiltsville . We had some live bait Pilchards and Shrimp. We put them to work and caught a bunch of Barracudas, Jacks and Mangrove Snappers . It was a short morning they had a meeting in Ft Lauderdale so we were done at 113

I got a call and was asked if I was interested in running the new Sea Vee Bay boat at the Boat show, I said yes and worked the boat show for 3 days.

The fishing has been good, lots of big fish and its only getting better. Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly / family oriented as well as hard core guide service . If you are interested in a great day on the water catching fish give me a call at 305 333 8149.

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Capt. Jim Hobales